Glossary of Terms & Acronyms
ARB:  Architectural Review Board.  Any and all external changes to your property must have prior approval from the ARB before work may begin.  More information may be found on the Architectural Review tab.
Builders:  Oakmont has a preferred builder program. You may find contact and website information for our builders by clicking here.
CAM:  Community Association Manager.  Leland Management is Oakmont POA's management company.
CDD:  Community Development District.  This governmental designation describes the structure utilized to develop the community. Parker Road CDD is the official name of the organization.  
Debt Service Fund:  The CDD has established a Debt Service Fund budget, also commonly known as a Reserves Fund, or a Sinking Fund.  This budget plans for the eventual replacement and other long term maintenance of the CDD's assets.  Click here to see the CDD's Debt Service Fund budget.
Developer:  The Developer for Oakmont is ICI Homes.
District:  See "CDD."
Fishkind & Associates:  This is the consulting firm employed to manage the CDD.  You may find contact and website information by clicking here.
ICI Homes:  Both the Developer and one of the preferred builders at Oakmont.  You may find contact and website information by clicking here.
Lifestyle Coordinator:  A representative from Leland Management works Tuesday - Sunday at the office located inside the Amenity Center, planning events, coordinating classes & workshops, and ensuring our amenities are well maintained. 
O&M:  Operations and Maintenance.  The CDD's budget is broken up into two categories, O&M being one of them.  Generally speaking, O&M involves repair, maintenance, and routine care of the properties and assets of the CDD.  Click here to see the CDD's O&M Budget.
POA:  Property Owners Association.  This is the term used to describe our homeowners association.